Admission is open for K22 (Saigon), K25 (Hanoi)! Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programmes in Economics, Management, Financial and Marketing – July 2017

Admission is open for K22 (Saigon), K25 (Hanoi)! Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programmes in Economics, Management, Financial and Marketing – July 2017

Admission is available for the Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programmes in Economics, Management, Finance and Marketing as follow:

K22 (Saigon), beginning in August 2017

K25 (Hanoi): 18:00 Monday, 22/07/2017. First module: ECONOMETRICS, by Prof. Michel Simioni, Montpellier University France


VCREME Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programmes

VCREME Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programmes in Economics, Management, Finance and Marketing are organized to serve the following purposes:

  • Prepare students with sufficient knowledge and adequate quantitative research tools to be able to catch up with the fast-paced learning environment of foreign post-graduate programmes
  • Support students with choosing university as well as provide recommendation letter to apply for the best universities abroad
  • Introduce supervisors and assist with creating research proposals
  • Modules in the programmes are from globally renowned universities and all are being taught in English. Therefore they help students to get acquainted with creative learning environment and overcome language barrier when going abroad.


Second year and higher undergraduate students, graduate students with good to excellent background in Economics, Natural, Technical, Social Sciences, Linguistics… who planned to deepen their knowledge in Economics, Business Management, Finance and Marketing.


In order to be eligible for a recommendation letter by Prof. Lê Văn Cường, students will choose at least 4/5 modules that best suit their respective Major.


    Optimization, Econometrics, Marcoeconomics, Microeconomics
    Quantitative methods for financial markets, Optimization, Econometrics, Macroeconomics

Note: Students that take all 5 modules will get to choose 4 modules with best results to get a recommendation letter for their pursuing major(s). E.g: If students have taken all 5 modules: Optimization, Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Quantitative methods for financial markets, they could choose both majors BUSINESS MANAGEMENT and FINANCE.

Lecturers: All lecturers of VCREME hold PhD Degree in top rank universities around the world, most of them are currently teaching abroad.



        1. Programme transcript is granted upon completion of international standard study modules.
        2. Students with good results of at least 4 modules (averaged 13/20 points and no module below 10/20 points) will be eligible to receive support from Prof. Lê Văn Cường and VCREME’s lecturers. Our support comes in term of choosing school, scholarship, getting a recommendation letter, and making research proposals to apply for scholarships abroad, or to recommend to organizations, companies that the student intends to join. Students have the right to retake modules and exams until they meet these requirements. For students who are yet to meet the requirements, VCREME will provide programme participation confirmation paper and module transcripts upon request. Students who take at least 5 modules can choose 4 modules with best results to apply for VCREME support.
        3. Lecturers from VCREME will prioritize supervising or introducing supervisor to students currently working with Master Thesis or Doctoral Thesis, especially from national scholarships such as 322, 911, embassy’s scholarships.
        4. The following universities have agreed to receive applications from students who satisfy VCREME’s requirements and have recommendation letter from Professor Lê Văn Cường. The list includes: Toulouse School of Economics, Paris School of Economics, QEM Erasmus Mundus, University of Trento (Italy), Rome University, Arizona State University (USA), National University of Singapore, University of Aalto, University of Cyprus, Exeter University, UK, McGill University (Canada),City University London, UK…
        5. Get help and guidance from VCREMErs currently studying or researching abroad. Students will have tutoring sessions and consultation online through video-conferences instructed by VCREME lecturers around the globe. For full list of lecturer’s CVs, please visit this link:


      • VCREME students who have already completed pre-study for one major (e.g: Major ECONOMICS including Econometrics, Macro-, Micro-economics, Optimization…) can register for other modules to complete the requirements for other majors (e.g: study Quantitative methods for financial markets to be eligible for major FINANCE).
      • In case a student simply wants to improve his/her knowledge, he/she can choose less than 4 modules (but this would mean that he/she will not meet the requirements to get a recommendation letter).
      • Students can accumulate modules from several admission periods to gather enough 4 modules.
      • Each module consists of 7 sessions, each session is 3 hours. Sessions are generally organized in the weekday afternoons or in the weekends, depending on the lecturer of the module. The final module will finish before 30/09/2017.
      • Additionally, students will be arranged to meet with tutors who have previously passed the module with excellent results.


IV. TUITION FEE: 5.000.000 VND / 1 Module

– Deadline for tuition fee: 20/07/2017. The Pre-Master and Pre-Doctoral Programme is only open when a minimum of 10 students are registered. A maximum of 25 students will be accepted for each programme (early birds’s benefit). Students will pay tuition fee to the provided bank account:

  • Receiver: Bùi Đăng Long
  • Account Number: 2601.0000.9337.94 at Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV). Branch Tây Hà Nội.
  • Message: <Student’s name> học phí VCREME K22 (Saigon) or VCREME K25 (Hanoi);

After paying tuition fee, please inform us by email to (for K25 – Hanoi) and (for K22 – Saigon), message: <Student’s name>Học phí VCREME. We will confirm your admission as early as possible.

Class Location in Hanoi

Institute of Policy and Developement, APD, Ministry of Planning and Investment, no.7 Ton That Thuyet str., Hanoi (;

VCREME Center, 1105 Don Nguyen 2, CT3, Trung Van urban area, Tu Liem district, Hanoi

Class Location in Saigon

Hoa Sen University, no.8 Nguyen Van Trang str., District 1, HCM city


Deadline for application is at the latest 18/07/2017



K25 (Hanoi) Application Form

Please fill in this form: Download application form and send to us via:

We will notify the result to your email within 24 hours.

K22 (Saigon) Application Form

Please fill in this form: Download application form and send to us via:

We will notify the result to your email within 24 hours.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Ngọc Anh 0912.520.968 or 09.63.861.633
Mr. Bùi Đăng Long 0989.269.777


      1. Đặng Huỳnh Mai Anh ( Toulouse School of Economics) – Học bổng toàn phần Eiffel.
      2. Phan Thanh Hương – Học bổng toàn phần Phd CP Việt Nam;
      3. Hoàng Trần Trâm Anh (Pháp);
      4. Nguyễn Hữu Thao (Ailen) – Học bổng toàn phần PhD CP Việt Nam;
      5. Phạm Thị Hồng Vân (Westminter) – UK;
      6. Nguyễn Tuấn Bình (QEM) – Học bổng bán phần VCREME ErasmusMundus;;
      7. Nguyễn Thanh Tùng (QEM) – Học bổng bán phần VCREME ErasmusMundus;;
      8. Nguyễn Minh Đức – Msc Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany);
      9. Doãn Thị Thanh Thủy – Học bổng toàn phần PhD University of Hawaii at Manoa (US);
      10. Đỗ Thị Thu Thủy – Toulouse (France);
      11. Nguyễn Thị Ái Nương – Toulouse (France);
      12. Võ Thanh An – MSc Economics, Uni Bonn (Đức);
      13. Nguyễn Ngọc Minh – Học bổng toàn phần PhD ĐSQ Pháp;
      14. Nguyễn Anh Thơ – Paris School of Economics;
      15. Võ Trọng Hùng (Strasbourg) – Học bổng toàn phần PhD CP Việt Nam;
      16. Nguyễn Minh Quang (Montperlier)- Học bổng toàn phần PhD CP Việt Nam;
      17. Võ Thị Hà Giang (Trento – Ý) – Học bổng vùng;
      18. Đàm Thị Trà My (Paris Saclay) – Học bổng toàn phần;
      19. Nguyễn Văn Quý (QEM) – Học bổng toàn phần QEM;
      20. Lê Hoàng Thanh Phong (Trento-Ý) – HB toàn phần Vùng;
      21. Lê Nguyễn Thanh Phương (Paris Saclay) – HB PhD 911.
      22. Phạm Thị Hiển, VcremeK11, PhD, ĐH Roscheter, USA-Học bổng toàn phần




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