Pre-Master & Pre-PhD VCREME

The VCREME Pre-Master & Pre-Doctoral Programme is an international-level intensive preparatory programme for graduate-level education which aims at providing necessary and specialized knowledge in Economics, Finance and Business Management which will help students overcome the gap of knowledge between domestic and international-level education and boost their potential to successfully follow the competitive graduate-level programmes in the best universities worldwide.  

Three Programmes are available for the majors Economics, Quantitative Finance and Business Administration. Each one consists of four basic subjects, with each subject genuinely designed by the most experienced professors so as to provide the most essential knowledge package for students within only 21 hours of lectures. Each Programme requires 84 hours of lectures which usually is completed in one month. Continuous lectures are given by the broad network of VCREME lecturers coming from renowned universities including Paris School of Economics, University of Glasgow, University of California-San Diego, Australian National University, Singapore National University… and so on. 

Over more than a decade, the VCREME Programme has gained significant attention and achieved noteworthy accomplishments by educating more than 1,000 students, in which more than 200 have been granted partial to full scholarships, including prestigious scholarships like QEM Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, Eiffel Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship, Fullbright Scholarship as well as regional and academical grants and full scholarships. 

Following the Programme success is the integral roles of VCREME network of dedicated partners. VCREME is well-known amongst national and foreign universities as the incubator for many talented researchers and graduate students. It is the partner of most of the top economic universities in Vietnam in education and research, where a major portion of VCREME students come from.