Introduction to VCREME

VCREME Center of Research in Economics, Management and Environment is an independent research center. Located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, VCREME undertakes the following aims:

** Boosting research about Economic- Finance, Management and Environment. As below:

  1. VCREME invites promising researchers in Vietnam and all over the world to do research. VCREME research areas span a wide range of economic fields, with strength in core areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics as well as in specific fields such as environmental economics, climate change economics, game theory, industrial organization, financial economics, growth theory and development with eventually, special references to Vietnam. VCREME also encourages publications in the best international scientific journals and promotes applications of economic theory to concrete economic problems.
  2. VCREME encourages, participates together and supports researchers to post on the top international scientific magazines and promotes the application of economic theory to the specific problems.
  3. VCREME has cooperated with research centers, institutes and universities in Vietnam and  with universities and research centers overseas, to enhance the training capability, research and contribute to the process of policy making in Vietnam at state level and local level.

Currently VCREME are concentrating on research projects which are the most important issues in Vietnam such as growth and sustainable development, environmental pollution, water management, disaster risk reduction and climate change. VCREME will also organize seminars, conferences and national and international economic and environmental management.

** Higher Training with faculty, collaborators with international level for the object:

  1. There is orientation to study abroad: VCREME selects the best graduate students in economics or has a good quantitative background such as in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, operations research, etc. and provides rigorous and international standard economics and language courses to prepare them for further studying abroad.
  2. Enterprises and banks: VCREME provides high level specialized knowledge, and leadership skills