Announcement: Invitation to Opimization lecture series by Prof. Cuong Le-Van (HN 21-28/11, TP HCM 30/11-6/12)

Announcement: Invitation to Opimization lecture series by Prof. Cuong Le-Van (HN 21-28/11, TP HCM 30/11-6/12)

Our invitation to scientists, researchers, lecturers, students and others interested in listening to the lecture series on Mathematical Economics: Optimization by Professor Cuong Le-Van (VCREME Scientific Director, Vice President Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS, Chair Emeritus, School of Economics Paris, Professor at TIMAS)

Time: 7 sessions
Hanoi: 21,22,23,25 (6-9pm), 26 (2.30-5.30pm), 27 (14.30-17.30), 28/11/11 (6-9pm)
Ho Chi Minh City: 30/11 (18-21h); 3 (9-12h), 3 (14-17h); 4 (9-12h), 4 (14-17h), 5.6 (18-21h), 12/2016

1. Topology in R
– Intervals
– Convergence of sequences
– Closed sets, open sets, bounded sets
– Cluster points
– Monotone sequences
– Cauchy sequences

2. Real functions, continuity, differentiability,
– Limits, continuity
– Differentiable function, derivative
– Mean Value Theorem
– Taylor expansion

3. Convex function
– Convex function, concave function
– Quasi-convex function, quasi-concave function

4. Topology in R
– Scalar product, norm, distance
– Sequences, limits of sequences
– Closed set, open set, compact set

5. Multivariable functions, continuity, differentiability
– Continuous functions
– Derivatives, differentiability
– Taylor expansion
– Implicit function

6. Convexity, optimization, linear programming

– Convex set, convex function, concave function
– Separation of convex sets
– Correspondences
– Fixed points theorems (Brouwer, Kakutani)

7. Optimization
– Optimization without constraints
– Convex optimization with convex constraints: Kuhn-Tucker Conditions


– Hanoi: VCREME Center, 1105 Unit 2, CT3, Trung Van urban area, Tu Liem District

– Ho Chi Minh City: Hoa Sen University, 8 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1

Language: bilingual English – Vietnamese
Participation fee: 5 million VND
Pay by bank transfer according to the following account information:

– Beneficiary name: Công ty TNHH MTV VCREME.
Account number: 120.10.006241810 at Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – BIDV. Branch: Transaction Office 1. Address: 191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.
– Transfer deadline: just before the start date

After transfer please send an email to with content: <Name> Hanoi Economics Classroom / Ho Chi Minh City>
For any questions please contact: Ms Hang 0936681586

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